Base Camp-Large Kettle (Stainless Steel)

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New Models! Rubber stopper, thicker chain. Kelly Kettle Base Camp Stainless Steel Kettle holds 50.7 fl. oz. of water.

Perfect fit for Base Camps, Outfitters, Car Camping, Family Picnics, Scouts, Emergency Preparedness Kits and Larger Groups etc.

Never carry fuel again! 15 inches tall, weighs only 2.6 pounds.

The Kelly Kettle works in harsh weather conditions bringing water to boil within a matter of minutes using whatever solid fuel is naturally occurring in the area - sticks, grass, pine cones, bark etc. No need to carry fuel. Ever!

Cost-Free, Carbon-Neutral, Eco Friendly Camping at its Very Best!

Add our Pot-Support and Cook Set to cook small amounts of food (Noodles, Rice, Oatmeal, Re-hydrated food, Soup, etc.) over the Kelly Kettle while your water boils.

Product Dimensions:
Height ....... 13 inches (Packed)
Diameter... 7.3 inches (Widest Point at Rim of Base)
Capacity.... 50.7 fl. oz., 1.5L, 6 cups
Weight...... 2.67 lbs.